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Architect-designed house with pool


Upon request


This exclusive architect's house, built in 2020, is located on a spacious 500 m² plot in the heart of Oftersheim. The house offers a family privacy, luxury and an oasis of well-being with its dreamlike garden with the spacious pool in a minimalist design, which invites young and old to have fun and play and spend relaxing hours on the air mattress. The tastefully designed, secluded courtyard offers enough space for a stately reception for your guests and an additional safe play area for children. The garage attached to the house allows you to easily transport all your purchases directly into the house and offers additional storage space. Only the highest quality materials were used for the interior of the house. In addition to the underfloor heating throughout the house, which is operated by an energy-saving heat pump, you can enjoy cozy comfort in front of the fireplace. Thanks to the full thermal insulation and the triple-glazed windows, the house has very efficient energy values. The center of the house is the huge living-dining area with an open kitchen in a loft style with a ceiling clearance of five meters in some places and a gallery. The ultra-modern concrete staircase with glass railing takes you to the upper floor, where there are two children's rooms, a bedroom with a balcony overlooking the garden, a separate dressing room and a bright bathroom with a bathtub and floor-level shower. The house has many other refinements that increase the feel-good factor.





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Oliver Ujhazi

Managing Director / Real Estate Specialist & Professional Property Manager (IHK)

**Reserved** Architect's House, Oftersheim

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+49 (0) 157 352 827 36


Oftersheim, first mentioned in writing in the Lorsch Codex in 766, belonged to the Electorate of the Palatinate for centuries. Today, Oftersheim is a municipality in the Rhein-Neckar district in Baden-Württemberg with around 12,000 inhabitants. Oftersheim forms a contiguous urban area with the neighboring town of Schwetzingen and is part of the Rhein-Neckar metropolitan region, a conurbation with 2.4 million inhabitants. Heidelberg, around 10 km to the west, and Mannheim, around 15 km to the south, are the

closest cities. Favored by the Palatinate Forest in the west, the Odenwald in the east

and the Taunus in the further north, there is a balanced, mild climate. Oftersheim is known for football with the SG-Oftersheim, handball HG Oftersheim/Schwetzingen and the TSV athletics.

Oftersheim itself has numerous daycare centers and two primary schools, the secondary schools are located in Schwetzingen and Heidelberg. In terms of transport, the community is connected regionally and nationally with the Rhine railway line and the A5 & A6 motorway junctions. Oftersheim's recreational value is very high due to its proximity to Schwetzingen with its wide range of shops and restaurants, its castle and cultural offerings, the outdoor pool and the Bellamar leisure and adventure pool.


Silcherstraße 1, Oftersheim, Deutschland


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