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Why purely online valuations for real estate are insufficient in our experience

In today's digitalized world, it's tempting to do everything online, be it shopping for clothes, booking travel or even evaluating real estate. Online valuation platforms undoubtedly have their advantages, but when it comes to evaluating real estate, they are simply not sufficient. Many colleagues now advertise their own portals for this type of quick valuation of your property. We deliberately do not do that. In this blog post, we will discuss why a purely online valuation for real estate is insufficient and why a professional on-site valuation is far more reputable.

A holistic view of the property :

A property is more than just its technical specifications. An on-site professional valuation allows the expert to assess the overall condition of the property, including the structural integrity, quality of materials, fittings, location and other important factors. An online valuation cannot adequately capture these aspects and leads to a superficial and incomplete assessment.

Consideration of local market conditions :

The real estate market is extremely dynamic and can vary greatly from region to region. A professional on-site assessment enables the expert to

such as demand, infrastructure, development potential and other relevant factors. This information is crucial to create an accurate valuation. A purely online valuation cannot capture these local nuances and leads to potential misjudgments.

Detection of defects and damage :

A property may have hidden defects and damage that may not be visible on online photos or

descriptions. A professional appraiser can identify these potential problems on site and incorporate them into the appraisal. Such defects can have a significant impact on value and negotiations and should not be neglected.

Personal interaction and expertise :

A purely online valuation relies on automated algorithms and general databases that cannot address the specific features and individual characteristics of a property. In contrast, a professional valuation expert brings his or her professional knowledge, experience and expertise to provide a comprehensive and reliable assessment. Personal interaction also allows questions to be answered and offers customers added value that is missing from a purely online valuation.

Conclusion :

Although online property valuations offer a quick and easy way to get a rough overview, they are far from sufficient to provide a serious and accurate valuation. A professional on-site valuation provides a comprehensive assessment of the property, takes local market conditions into account, detects hidden defects and damage, and brings in personal expertise. When it comes to buying, selling, or evaluating real estate, we should rely on the support of professionals to make informed decisions.

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